Precision Search.
Powerful Partnerships.

ROJEK Consulting is the leading advertising search and marketing talent recruitment firm dedicated to helping its clients source the star talent they need to succeed. With our organizational CultureScan® Model we recruit the best choice marketing leaders and advertising industry suppliers, ones who can team better together, and deliver outstanding results.

Master Level Marketing Expertise - 30 Years of Success

ROJEK Consulting is the leading certified marketing consulting firm specializing in advertising industry sourcing and agency review services for its clients. The proprietary CultureFit™ Model uses organizational data science to help advertisers evaluate and choose their optimal marketing suppliers and advertising agencies.

With offices in Ohio, North Carolina and Florida, ROJEK has served the Fortune 500, privately-held companies and growing brands since 1990.

The portfolio of consulting services and agency search packages are designed to result in quality selections for hiring, developing and team building across a company’s external advertising industry suppliers.

How do we accomplish this?

Start with Culture. Finish with Fit.

Our expertise in organizational culture and teaming practices using our CultureFit® model, tools and data enables clients to make smart agency selection decisions.

Our proven strategic, consultative approach, assessment tools and coaching services are all designed to achieve the best cultural alignment between leaders, teams and talent.

Clients value our work for several reasons:

  • We are trustworthy advisors and subject matter experts
  • Our 5-D Consulting Model is a strategic framework for engagements
  • The CultureFit© process with improves decision-making on agency supplier selection,
  • The result creates partnerships between advertisers and their agencies that are immediately effective and engineered to last, creating more brand value over time.
  • Our experience with financial modeling, compensation, performance evaluation anchors all processes.

As successful business owners and entrepreneurs, we understand the significance of the financial investment companies make in complex, data-driven marketing today. We want our clients to feel fully confident as they face the future, equipped with the teams and talent they will need to succeed.

Everything Good Comes from Cultural Fit.