Be Better than Ever Together

Advertising Agency Team Performance Evaluation

Marketing leaders who provide meaningful and effective Agency Performance Reviews are able to motivate client and agency team members to work better together.

  • Plan for forward-thinking goal setting
  • Affirm productive practices
  • Define Clear Measures of Accountability

Our proprietary PACE™ system is a 360-degree advertiser-agency relationship evaluation that results in significant client-agency team performance improvement.

PACE™ tools gather information from qualitative interviewing and the quantitative PACE™ survey that is easy to administer across functions. PACE™ quickly reveals what’s working – and what’s not.

Importantly, our proprietary CultureFit™ tools, Reports and organizational data can help leaders understand how they can best motivate desired team behaviors and move towards better performance and stronger results.

ROJEK’ proprietary cultural assessment digital tools, data reports and dashboards help client and agency team members identify and measure important core values that impact behavior; leaders can affirm findings that are important to ways of always working better together.

PACE™ consulting engagements also include:

  • a review and restructure of agency scope of work,
  • agency compensation and contract revision
  • incentive based program and scorecard design
  • an analysis of client-agency workflow

ROJEK Experience

We bring over thirty years of industry experience regarding agency selection, evaluation and compensation models, media performance evaluation and agency performance management systems. We apply and adapt proven best practices to inform our work and strategic recommendations.

As trusted advisors, our industry-certified and experienced consultants counsel clients on tough agency relationship issues. Our industry reputation for integrity is a reflection of our core values, operating principles and the consultative, collaborative way we engage with people.

We are able to address underlying performance problems, conflicts and sensitive staffing issues to result in a positive changes and outcomes.

The Result?

Meaningful improvement plans for client-agency team partnerships.

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