Everything Good comes from Cultural Fit.™

We recognize that finding the right set of advertising agency partners and marketing suppliers for your company can feel daunting. Motivating teams to work well together can be an additional challenge.

ROJEK Consulting is the leading certified marketing consulting firm specializing in advertising industry sourcing and agency review services for its clients.

Our proprietary CultureFit™ Model leverages organizational culture data to help advertisers evaluate and hire the optimal marketing suppliers and advertising agencies. 

Why Culture?

It’s said “Culture always eats everything else for lunch…” and we agree.

We have learned this over the 30 years ROJEK has successfully built its track record of success for clients. We understand how to use cultural assessment data to align clients with the right agencies to work well together. To create highly effective teams, to build brands and business. Creating partnerships that grow in greater value over time.

Today we provide state of the art digital tools and a range of global data to aid clients in their agency sourcing practices. We focus on determining agency fit, agility, commitment, creation and investment as the basis of selection.

We offer clients a variety of agency review services that can be further customized to specific marketing disciplines and applied within various vertical industries.

We serve diverse clients from the Fortune 500 to fast growing start-ups. 

We serve C-Suite Leaders who are seeking to hire…

  • Agencies to execute multimedia channel strategy and leverage investment.
  • Agencies to modernize go to market strategies into digital channels.
  • Agencies to develop stronger creative work and impact brand expression.
  • Agencies to integrate better with their culture and work effectively across other agencies and company stakeholders.




Money Also Matters

Our industry expertise regarding agency compensation models, agency and media performance evaluation and agency performance management  increases our value proposition for cost-conscious companies.

Our industry-certified consultants have earned the respect of our clients. Our reputation for quality standards and integrity is as a function of our own core values, operating principles and the consultative, collaborative way we engage with people.

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