Review Full Agency Roster

Improve Team Integration and Performance

Marketing leaders need their creative agencies, media and digital agency partners to perform and work well together towards shared goals.

Yet sometimes there are resource gaps or overlap. Conflicts or different ways of working limit progress. Changes in scope and budget impact the whole group.

ROJEK helps its clients optimize the marketing investment made in its full set of agency partners to:

  • Improve agency role clarity, scope of work and responsibility
  • Fill resource gaps
  • Define agency accountability measures
  • Improve team integration practices, reducing duplication
  • Address workflow inefficiencies
  • Engage team talent effectively
  • Standardize multiple agency performance evaluation

Better Together

The 5-D Consultative Model is our proprietary process, supported by validated tools and data, designed to engage client and agency stakeholders effectively. The outcome is an action plan with effective solutions for working better, together.

With thirty years of industry experience regarding agency selection, evaluation and compensation models, media performance evaluation and agency performance management, we rely on industry best practices to inform our strategic recommendations.

As trusted advisers, our industry-certified and experienced consultants counsel our clients on tough agency management issues. Our well-regarded reputation for integrity is a reflection of our core values, operating principles and the consultative, collaborative way we engage with people.

We are able to address underlying problems, conflicts and sensitive staffing issues to result in a positive changes and outcomes.

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