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Looking for the just-right agencies to elevate your Brand?

ROJEK Consulting is the leading marketing consulting firm specializing in advertising industry sourcing and agency review services for its clients.

We offer customized agency search and review services to help our clients find the best agency partners they need to lift brands to highest levels of success.

Proprietary, Proven and Effective.

Our differentiated agency sourcing approach helps advertisers feel confident about their agency hiring decisions, reducing risks in times of growth or necessary change.

Leaders get to know and experience first hand the marketing and advertising teams that will work the best with their own desired cultural values, meet their resource needs (bring inspired creative ideas to life!) and exceed their longer term relationship expectations.

We source candidate agencies for clients based on agency capability, proposed solutions and cost. 

That’s the easy part. 

CultureFit Agency Review Process Chart
CultureFit™ Agency Review
We also integrate organizational culture data and team exercises through out the review process. 
That’s the important part.