Media Agency Search and Review Services

Find Your Best Media Agency Partners

Marketing success hinges on smart media investment. 

Marketing leaders who exceed growth targets and achieve ROI for their media investment rely on strategic partnerships with their agencies. Together they make to data-driven decisions about media resource allocation and strategy. 

Companies need to be feel confident that they have hired their best choice of media agency suppliers to improve media performance, ones that are not only capable of cost-efficient delivery but aligned with their company’s organizational cultural values regarding risk assessment, communications, and performance goals. 

Procurement leaders also want to ensure best practices in media accountability, strategic value and financial stewardship serve as the basis of media agency partner selection and retention.

Media Agency Sourcing & Review Services

ROJEK industry-certified consultants help clients optimize their media investment with a portfolio of media management consulting services, in strategic partnership with the best in industry media audit partners and analysts.

Our consulting services are augmented by access to third-party systems, software and databases to support analysis of media performance measurement; this data informs and impacts media resource management goals.

Stage-Gate Agency Review Process

Let us help you find the media agency powerhouse that is best for your brand’s competitive advantage.

Resources with dedicated people you can trust to obsessively focus on delivering your targeted business outcomes and improving media ROI. 

We have extensive experience with franchise-based business models with clients that need to optimize both national advertising funds and local market investments.

ROJEK affiliated partners and expert consultants we have worked with for years also provide integrated full media audit capability to inform media agency evaluation and decision-making.