Erin Taylor

Senior Consultant

Erin is a seasoned marketing veteran who consults with Rojek clients seeking to transition to a new digitally oriented communication era. Erin offers strong strategic core competencies and natural leadership skills. She advises Rojek clients on custom-designed Marketing WorKflow to improve integration, teaming and operational efficiency with RACI models. Rojek clients love Erin for her sound listening skills, quick insights and infectious enthusiasm. She is a collaborative person who helps clients find the best of current state and leverage it to move forward towards their goals, working both internally with employees and externally with agency partners. Her career has spanned both the agency and corporate assignments, public and private sectors, consumer and B2B markets and clients who have climbed with the unprecedented growth of digital technology. Her depth of experience includes both traditional brand marketing and direct marketing, and now digital and data driven marketing. As a senior communications executive at Alltel, Erin managed internal teams and external agency resources in ALLTEL’s pace paced, data rich, retail oriented culture. She is a Graduate of University of Arkansas, BA in Journalism, with a Marketing minor. Since the days of their competitive track and field endeavors in college, Erin and her husband continue to have a passion for running; they own a retail Go Running Store and stay busy with community-wide races and running events promoting health and wellness. Erin is a competitive winner, always on the go!