Our Values

For 30+ Years

We build the great partnerships that build great brands! 

Ones that align the advertiser-agency organizational culture and core values. 

Working collaboratively together, creative, digital media and tech partners achieve brand goals and growth aspirations. 


We believe this world is brimming with extraordinary talented people with important ambitions. When they come together with others who share their values and vision, good outcomes are made possible for all.

We are dedicated to helping incredible business leaders find their best choice advertising agency resources, partners who will to help them to drive their brands to new levels, with new peace of mind.

Our differentiation comes from our experience and the application of cultural data and core values analytics integrated into our stage-gated sourcing process. 




Cultural Q





ROJEK is highly regarded within the industry for its track record of success with leading brands and growing companies. 

The company generates results through its commitment to integrity, a deep understanding of organizational culture, and its success in industry sourcing practices.

Founded by entrepreneur Lorraine Stewart, the consulting practice has served its clients for more that thirty years. Many successful marketers have relied on the counsel of ROJEK Consulting time and time again throughout their own careers.

Founder Lorraine Stewart


Advertisers benefit from recruiting the creative and media agency partners that align the most with company cultural values. 

Agencies can join and thrive on the creative, brand building journey, engaging their employees to support the businesses they value and believe in.

Our world benefits from the new work, services, products, and creations that result from the powerful and sustainable marketing and advertising partnerships we put in place.


ROJEK embraces the highest professional ethical norms and values stipulated by certification by The American Marketing Association (AMA) in the conduct of its business practices in service to its clients, colleagues and other stakeholders.

ROJEK embraces the industry guidelines stipulated for consultant certification as defined by the Association of National Advertisers (ANA) and the American Association of Advertising Agencies (4A’s).

ROJEK Consultant Code of Conduct is available upon request.