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CultureFit™ Model & Agency Search Services

Marketing Leaders agree Organizational Culture is the most important dynamic of great client-agency team partnerships, the ones that start strong and increase in value over time. 

Companies that want to hire their best choice agencies and marketing partners can rely on our proven approach to agency search and selection.

For 30 Years!

ROJEK has continuously improved the way we source agencies for clients. We evaluate candidate agencies in a number of ways, from Chops and Courage, and certainly Cost (the easy part) to team Collaboration and Cultural fit (the important part). 

We coach agencies to present their personal best, with programs custom-designed to meet client strategic challenges.

Today we are recognized as industry thought leaders and experts, certified in marketing and organizational cultural assessment and data analytics. 

Our proprietary CultureFitProcess with data analytics platform makes it easy for client teams to measure what matters. 

Everything Good Starts with Cultural Fit.™

Cultural Cues Plus Cultural Data


Proprietary DASH Scoring and Reporting

The process of finding the right set of agency partners to invest marketing dollars in can be challenging, especially while working virtually and remotely. 

Our innovative, data-driven model creates client confidence in agency selection and hiring decisions. 

  • First party cultural data helps clients to compare and contrast the best qualified candidates a number of ways 
  • Cultural cues and innovative teaming exercises provide insightful client-agency behavioral experiences 
  • Our proprietary DASHBoard measures progress

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