Diversity Supplier Search

Recruit Marketing & Agency Suppliers
with diversity Goals in mind

Diversity goals mean more than ethical compliance and social responsibility.

It’s something your customers, employees and key stakeholders care more deeply about every day.

CultureFit™ Agency Search Services

Company supplier diversity and inclusion objectives can include recruiting and hiring marketing suppliers and agency partners as a key strategy.

We help clients develop an appropriate framework for dialogue and decision-making as they seek to hire their best choices creative agencies and marketing suppliers of all types; the talented teams and partner agencies that will work well with their teams and collaboratively towards shared goals.

Leaders hire us to find and assess those candidate agencies that have true partnership potential, aligned on vision and values.

Supplier Diversity Defined

A diverse marketing supplier is a business that is at least 51% owned and operated by an individual or group that is part of a traditionally underrepresented or underserved group.

Common classifications are small-business enterprises (SBEs), minority-owned enterprises (MBEs), and woman-owned enterprises (WBEs).

Over time, the definition of diversity has expanded to ownership by other minority groups such as LGBTQ, veterans, and proprietors with disabilities.

Capability Plus Core Values In Action

Brands may want to engage those marketing service suppliers and agency partners that will support a company’s goal to effectively deliver its own products/services to diverse communities.

Other companies put high value on active engagement within minority communities as credible evidence of shared core values in action.