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Are you CMO Material?

Change Management is Marketing.

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Marketing leaders today are valued for their business acumen, analytical minds and adaptability. Most are focused on helping their companies implement fundamental shifts in the digital economy to retain customers and find new ways to grow.

The best ones see themselves as agents of change. In larger companies, they battle the status quo, organizational inertia and team fatigue. In smaller companies, they expend a lot of energy advocating for financial and human resources to make a difference. All would agree that real progress not only requires a cultural shift but some serious C-suite buy-in.

Change management starts with charting a fresh course and then moving (fast).

“Imperfect action is better than perfect inaction.”

– Harry S. Truman

A Quarter and Change

Whether you’re a newly hired CMO with the clock ticking or a current leader feeling the need hit the reset button, our high impact 30-60-90 plan of action insures a strong start.

You can’t avoid or ignore change,” according to Forrester Research analyst Katy Tynan. “You must practice and sustain it until it becomes a competitive advantage that drives an organization forward,” she advises CMOs.

But where to start? Focus on what matters the most:


CMOs are like orchestra leaders. Hiring, organizing and directing talent is a big part of your job! Evaluate the people resources you manage to advance the work you want done.

Q: What does your leadership want to see happen? What resources do you have to do it? And what do they tell you needs your full attention?


Make quality time to meet with creative agency teams and digital media partners. Gain an understanding of their point of view on everything from their scope of work, compensation and ability to add economic value.

Q: What do your agency partners think will make the work better? What do they recommend that really hasn’t moved forward?


Ask for a review of marketing expense to outcomes. Re-evaluate media mix, customer acquisition costs and market response to investment. Go ahead and adjust budget allocations mid-year with clear mandates to align marketing investment to focus on improving customer experience. Cut non-performing activity.

TIP: Plan to adjust spending; it’s fluid and you’re in charge.


More than a concept, and definitely within marketing’s purview. How does company culture connect to brand? 

Walk the talk with desired behaviors and attitudes. Create a positive can-do vibe with your connected teams. Affirm what you like. Be direct about what you don’t.

TIP: Cultural fit is key. Cultural data can help you identify outstanding candidates during any hiring process for employees, agencies and vendors. Ask us how.

First 30 Days – Have your Bearings

Question:  What resources do I have?  What work needs to be done?

  • Pay attention to the cultural cues. Listen and Learn from insiders.
  • Reassess the quality of your key people and teams. Find their passions.
  • Use customer data to confirm what you have been told or to evolve your thinking.
  • Seed ideas for change in conversation. Test receptivity and start to build consensus.
  • Establish highest impact goals and identify near term “early wins”.
  • Devote think time to longer-term vision: how will the company’s investment in marketing meet desired business goals.

By 60 Days Identify Early Actions

Question:  What are my “A” list and “B” list priorities? 

It’s time (already) to publish your game plan. Then get others involved!

  • Kick off new, integrated project teams with work streams against “A” list priorities.
  • Stop time consuming, low impact activity. Give permission to others to do the same.
  • Choose high potential leaders to take the lead and jump start on your “B” list priorities.
  • Populate cross functional work teams for diverse points of view. 
  • Assign existing agency partners into the teams.
  • Resource constrained? Add necessary external resources to the roster.

Have great ideas but current resources moving too slowly? Start an Agency Search to identify new creative and digital media partners with  to tackle problems or meet unmet needs.

By 90 Days Launch High Impact Change Agenda 

Organizations expect their Marketing Leaders to develop a clear improvement agenda and direct resources to get it done.

  • Consider new brand work, new media strategies, new structures.
  • Introduce new content or growth strategies in market.
  • Set up multiple pilot programs, adjusting in real time to optimize learning and drive intended response.
  • Identify personnel hiring needs and begin the recruitment process.
  • Add or change agency partners to expand impact.

“The bad news is time flies. The good news is you’re the pilot.”

– Michael Altshuler

You’re on Track!

Marketing Resource Management with an eye towards continually improvement separates the great marketing leaders from the good ones. 

Find the right people and hire the right partners to fit your company culture and watch renewal begin..