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Become Undeniable

Agency Growth doesn’t come from just winning a pitch.

When a pitch is won, there’s something that usually matters more than anything else. The win is rarely just because of a piece of work, a plan or an impressive tech stack. The deciding factor is the totality of the entire team coming together. The choice and the agency become undeniable. I’ve lost count of how many incredibly talented individuals or wildly smart diagrams lose without true cultural adhesion to propel them.

Solutions must be Felt

The appreciation for a team working together has become more important to clients than ever.  Maybe it’s a function of the divisiveness of the world around us or maybe it is that the industry has become more impersonal and technical. Companies hiring agencies are really marketing leaders choosing the people they trust and want to work with. The reality is that growth from new business has shifted from presentations and pitches where the answer is shown to one where the solution proposed to clients has to be felt.  Companies choose the agency partner that gets them. The one that will help them navigate a world of rapid change and make sense of it all, working closely together under pressure.

Where does Cultural Adhesion come from?

An agency that builds empathetic cultural capital not only increases the odds of a client feeling good about choosing them over others, but they feel good about themselves. It shows. An agency with a healthy culture inside is one that shows up and presents well, with authenticity and confidence in who they are and what they can do for others. It’s undeniable. It also wins business.

Culture. It is a powerful thing. 

Developing a healthy agency culture is no small feat. The agency world spends a great deal of time trying to understand culture outside their building to shape the work they do, when it’s the culture inside the building that shapes the success of the agency. Agency culture is not about a ping-pong table, coffee bar or flexible days off, but something far more important that inspires all.  

An agency’s Cultural Health and well-being certainly impacts employee engagement, work quality, and client retention. It also drives new business success and revenue growth. To understand your agency’s culture is a wonderful start, but harnessing it to grow inside out is where all the power lies.

The good news is the strength of cohesion and culture is not a warm and fuzzy feeling, it’s a measurable asset. One that leaders can look to answer the questions they face about agency alignment and ambition, about minefields and morale. Cultural assessments reveal the values that propel us forward, the cultural constraints that drain energy and hold us back.

When it Works it’s Wonderful

We like to say Everything Good Starts with Cultural Fit™. We know that Organizational Culture is the most important dynamic of great client-agency team partnerships, the ones that start strong and increase in value over time. 

Our mission is to match the right partners at the right time for the right reasons. For more than 30 years ROJEK has partnered clients and agencies with great success, pioneering the way culture influences these opportunities. Today we work to refresh and renew industry search practices with our Cultural Fit Model and proprietary cultural technology so that everyone has a clearer path to meaningful partnerships built to last. 

Agency Growth doesn’t come from just winning a pitch. It takes a true culture of growth to become bigger and better. Together, we help agencies grow toward more positive change and performance for clients, themselves, and the industry at large.  As industry experts steeped in organizational assessment and data analytics, we provide high value cultural data and insights to help agency leaders know how to survive and thrive, and grow from the inside out.

When you work well together, you win together. When you work to your full potential, you win more often.

And that is, indeed, undeniable.

Be Undeniable. Let’s Work Together to Grow.

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