Sure Purpose is Nice, but Real Marketing Power is…

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There have been more books written about the power of purpose than any time in history. You’ve read them. You’ve heard speeches about them. You know, the ones that speak of how brands are not what they sell but what they stand for. The popular advice that brands should be of greater value than the sum of […]

How Franchise Brands Grow Faster

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Marketing Resource Management for Franchise-based Brands Most franchise brand marketers agree they operate within unique company cultures with distinct opportunity and challenge. CMOs continuously champion the cause for investment in marketing and advertising to accelerate brand growth and expand the network. The top performers understand in-housing vs outsourcing strategies to make the most of their […]

President’s Day Meets Brand-Building

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Charming Lesson for Marketing Leaders One could argue that most elected officials are brand-builders in their own right, masters at tailoring their message for the market. But the history buffs among us can look to our favorite brand-building President, Theodore Roosevelt, for some fresh inspiration. Widely considered by historians to be one of the best […]