Why do our (best) Agency Partners Sometimes Disappoint us?

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Three client-agency challenges & solutions to work better together Dog gone it. We want our relationships with our agency partners to be great, and result in great work. Sometimes they don’t. (Sigh.) Delays happen, complexity sets in, frustrations grow. Discover the reasons why. Then beat the dog days of summer with fresh, practical solutions to […]

Agency Relationships Can Be A Real Trip

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I remember driving to Florida for a holiday break with a friend a long time ago.  As teenagers with no income of our own, we decided to drive through the night without stopping. What we saved in hotel expenses, we more than made up for in memories. Part of any such right of passage are […]

The Key to Managing Multiple Advertising Agencies? Dive In!

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Ever feel the energy of an end-of-summer competitive swim meet? Seasoned swimmers cut fast through the water, striving towards achieving their personal best. They know their individual effort also contributes to overall team performance. Swimmers will realize the smoothest glide when they stay centered in their lane. If they stray off the mark they become less […]

Reigning in the Content Beast: Marketing & Agency Resources Required

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Rumor of an impending threat has worried the kings and queens of today’s marketing diminions for some time. This ever-evolving beast is said to be so demanding, so consuming that even the most well-tuned marketing functions are being forced to confront its influence. Well fellows, the content marketing beast has arrived and she’s not going […]

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Adrift in the Advertising Sea of Sameness? Chart your 2018 Course

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Lorraine Stewart & Nancy Hill Announce New One-Day Agency Growth Workshops 2018 Agency New Business Lies Ahead Success in the advertising industry demands that agencies evolve their services and prepare to implement sharp new business development plans. We know it’s a challenge for an agency to stay relevant, differentiated, competitive and generate revenue growth. If […]

Summer Project Worth Doing: Upkeep for Advertising Agency-Client Teams

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Summertime is the perfect season to invest effort in improving how client-agency teams work together, and fix it if they are not. As leading advertising industry consultants, we see current reasons behind the ongoing churn in client-agency relationships: Companies change ad agencies to bring on additive capability they don’t get from current resources or to resolve a problem with their current […]

Blood, Baseball & Business

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What Motivates Championship Team Performance? The Cleveland Indians are a high performance team that continues to give their blood, sweat and tears this postseason. Fans are acutely aware that the close-knit brotherhood keeps their sights on the bigger picture: Winning the World Series – for the first time since 1948. Like our beloved Cavs, ending a […]