Shifting Sands

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How should Ad Agencies be rebranded? Marketing leaders can feel pressure to justify the dollars spent on advertising agency fees yet are reliant on external advertising industry suppliers to execute their brand strategies. They face questions regarding the future need for external agencies, their value and of course, their ROI. Perhaps the advertising industry suffers […]

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President’s Day Meets Brand-Building

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Charming Lesson for Marketing Leaders One could argue that most elected officials are brand-builders in their own right, masters at tailoring their message for the market. But the history buffs among us can look to our favorite brand-building President, Theodore Roosevelt, for some fresh inspiration. Widely considered by historians to be one of the best […]

Cultural Fit

B2B Marketing Needs More Heart

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B2B Marketing

Consider marketing programs that are working. Often their advertising campaigns are designed to appeal to the head and the heart to move the target market to take action. They communicate a brand value proposition that fulfills both the rational and emotional needs. After all, people don’t buy chocolates on Valentine’s Day simply to satisfy hunger. […]

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Rekindling the Romance of Business

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Unbox the Dress

When Core Values Align with Work – Love Strikes On rare occasion, true love strikes. In business, this compelling feeling happens when we see the opportunity to create something new and potentially meaningful for others in the world; when we get to apply our talents and core values, and working together with people we love […]