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Determine Cultural Fit – 3 Steps for CMOs

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Marketing leaders focused on digital transformation need to find creative agencies and media partners that can anticipate what opportunities exist, and then partner together to get the job done. Cultural fit is key! The holy grail for CMOs is high performance teams with well-choreographed movements among agencies, brand partners and their own people. Their job […]

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It’s a Jungle Out There: Rethink Social Marketing Team Practices in 2017

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Today’s marketers want to attain omni-channel consumer engagement. But with evolving platforms, technologies and social strategies – it’s a jungle out there. Larger organizations discuss centralized vs decentralized team design and in-sourcing vs outsourcing options. In smaller, growing companies leaders seek more hands on deck to improve how they manage their brand messaging across social […]

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Unpacking the Win

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Usually there is only one winner. Marketing leaders make agency-hire decisions based on a very rationale selection process, yet the final it’s-time-to-pick-the-winner conversation is steeped in a lot of feel-good sentiments. All things being vetted, scoped and priced, the client will choose the agency that they feel “gets us better than anyone else”. In three […]