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Adrift in the Advertising Sea of Sameness? Chart your 2018 Course

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Lorraine Stewart & Nancy Hill Announce New One-Day Agency Growth Workshops 2018 Agency New Business Lies Ahead Success in the advertising industry demands that agencies evolve their services and prepare to implement sharp new business development plans. We know it’s a challenge for an agency to stay relevant, differentiated, competitive and generate revenue growth. If […]

AdWeek Article: Moen Selects Havas Chicago with the help of ROJEK

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Rojek Consulting is proud to have taken part of Moen’s selection of Havas Chicago as its lead Creative/Media Agency. We pride ourselves in connecting our clients with the right agency. Because we stressed the importance of having the organizational culture of an agency be complimentary to that of a client, we were able to successfully connect […]

Not-So-Lazy Days of Summer: Advice for Ad Agencies & Clients

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Not-So-Lazy Days of Summer Some agency-client work effort may seem to ease during summertime, but the 2016 planning season is on the marketer’s horizon.  And coming with it, the predictable rituals of iterative plans, process and robust information exchange. High performing marketing leaders are usually thinking ahead even when out of office and beach-combing. Savvy […]

Let’s Talk: Ad Industry’s New Frontier

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“Culture drives great results.” – Jack Welch The ability to articulate the most remarkable aspects of organizational culture can be elusive for both client-side marketers and advertising agencies.  Both parties seek to find each other, work well together and produce brand communication with hyperbolic traction in this fluid marketing environment. Agency leaders show ever-increasing appreciation […]

Common Ground for Advertisers & Ad Agencies: Talent-Centric Culture

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Marketing-oriented companies and advertising agencies today seek smart and resourceful people to impact business outcomes. Finding, engaging and keeping best of class talent that aligns with capability need, culture and core values is a strategic imperative. People costs are more often than not, the lion’s share of the expense. The sources of talent, be it […]

March ADness: Turn Multi-Ad Agency Rosters into High Performance Teams

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“To me, teamwork is the beauty of our sport, where you have five acting as one. You become selfless.” – Mike Krzyzewski Advertising in 2015: Team Sport By design or default, it doesn’t matter. Growing companies and leading brands today sign up multiple ad agencies and marketing communication suppliers to create, produce, and distribute brand […]

How Ad Agencies Accelerate Digital Literacy, Culture Change

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Bring the Outside In As marketing-oriented companies continue to invest resources to build awareness, drive sales, and develop customer loyalty, C-suite executives agree on one thing: their digital strategy and capability development is a 2015 priority. It’s no longer enough to have some digital capabilities. It’s critical to have the right capabilities focused on the right things […]

Digital Marketing Culture: How to Recognize It, Cultivate It

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And now we welcome the New Year, full of things that have never been. – Rainer Maria Rilke, German Poet The inherent attraction of anything new is the sense of expansive possibility it affords us; the way a new color refreshes an old room or a new diet inspires us to think we can actually drop old […]