Find the Best Choice: Advertising Agency Search and Selection

ROJEK Consulting is the leading expert to help marketing savvy clients engage the perfect agency partners by successfully matching cultural fit with desired capability. It’s at the heart of what we do best. Let's Start a Confidential Conversation

Portfolio of Services.

Advertising Agency Search & Selection

Need to find the best possible advertising agency talent for your Company? Let's get started. Most marketing leaders want to engage the right team of resources to get the job done right the first time. ROJEK can help you evaluate the many options among advertising agencies to engage and partner with you in your success. Much like an executive recruiter, ROJEK helps is clients efficiently search and select advertising agencies to build their brands. Ad agency selection is an important decision to deliver the results and the return advertisers seek for the financial investment they make. Our proprietary advertising agency search process enables marketing leaders to assess potential agency capability and cultural fit with first hand, collaborative experiences. Moving faster? Our FastTrack Report provides an easy and affordable referral service for companies seeking a pre-qualified list of advertising industry suppliers that meet their immediate resource needs; it's perfect for small businesses, small budgets, start ups, or project work.

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Multiple Advertising Agency Rosters

Need to get your advertising agencies aligned, integrated and working better together? Build out a complementary roster of multiple advertising agencies across specific disciplines. Engage the best mix of agency partners to strategically and efficiently work to benefit you and your brand. Our proprietary search process, database and organizational cultural expertise results in high performance agency teams. Let us help you find, hire and inegrate the right agencies, focused on the right things to get everyone working better, together.

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Agency Performance Evaluation

Need to amp up what's working well .... and tackle some frustrating problems? Changing advertising agency resources can be costly, disruptive and unnecessary. Help your current advertising agency partners exceed your expectations with constructive feedback and clearer goals. Let us help you with a comprehensive assessment of client and agency team performance using our validated qualitative and quantitative feedback systems. Everybody wants to positively improve team performance! They just need their leaders to invest the time and resources in an objective performance feedback method, facilitated by experienced advertising industry consultants like ROJEK, and lead the way.

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Organizational Team Design

Need to reorganize your own team for modern day marketing? Meet company demands faster? Want to improve internal collaboration and engagement? Your internal teams need to be primed and aligned to impact success. ROJEK brings a best practice perspective, validated org design and RACI-based marketing workflow process to leaders seeking to build efficient organizational capability. You can Improve the way your own team partners with others. Lead others with a cultural change agenda designed to reset a team and motivate them to take you where you want to go!

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CultureScan® Services

Culture Counts. Leaders need ways to think about it, influence and activate it to increase success. Organizational culture is the key driver of effectiveness, especially true in marketing when working with other resources outside your organization. It’s complicated. ROJEK understands it, helps you measure it and leverage it. Get a better handle on something others talk about but fail to activate in meaningful ways so clients and agencies can work better together.

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The ROJEK Difference

If It Matters -
Measure It.

ROJEK has built its reputation for fairness, integrity, and quality over 25 years; we are honored to have facilitated many successful outcomes for Fortune 500 clients and their agencies.

Balance Capability
with Culture.

ROJEK’s CultureScans® identifies 50+ core values that influence the productivity of client and agency teams.

Advertising Industry
Proprietary Knowledge.

ROJEK Consulting’s own proprietary and subscription databases provide real-time advertising industry data and inform a fact-based agency search process.

The search for a better agency begins with finding a better search consultant. ROJEK Consulting delivers results through its strategic process, validated methods, and deliberate outcomes, with a continued commitment to integrity and quality.

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