Ramping Up Internal Creative Resources?

Most companies (actually 65%) have some type of internal creative services capability but are often encountering growing pains as they face the future. Today’s marketing leaders are tasked with orchestrating a collection of both internal and external resources to get the job done. The radically altered digital media environment has disrupted the conventional means of creating and delivering advertising, and forward facing leaders often want better control.

The next generation of digital communications requires a steady stream of on-brand communication designed to engage and enhance user engagement. The demand for brand strategy, content creation, asset production, and delivery with continuous improvement grows in both volume and complexity, especially as a company scales. In-house advertising agencies are on the rise as marketers look for more effective and cost-efficient advertising models, according to a new study from Forrester.


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Solutions & Consulting Services

ROJEK assists numerous clients with their marketing organization design, in-house agency structure, marketing workflow and team integration models.

Our primary focus is to recommend an internal agency organizational structure that will enable a client to achieve its objectives by leveraging its strengths and addressing weaknesses. Most client engagements start with our Audit of Current State, with a qualitative and quantitative needs assessment across various stakeholder groups.

Our NEXT Report recommends alternative straw models of a company’s Future State, custom-designed to fulfill a client’s objectives and provide a road map for growth and change. We identify roles or skills best provided internally versus those most effectively sourced externally, with a balanced view of costs and quality.

Overall Clarity of roles, responsibilities and desired competencies are documented in a thoughtful plan of action that serves to build the case for change, and aligns various stakeholders and functions across the organization.

The Implementation phase of NEXT Plan can be fulfilled by a number of company people; we often provide the following to accelerate implementation.

  • Department /Team Organizational Charts, Reporting Relationships, Talent Development Plans
  • Customized Job Descriptions for Internal positions
  • Recruitment Plan of Action for new hires
  • Marketing Workflow Visualization, with Supporting Tools, customized to client specs
  • Performance Measurement and Goal Setting
  • Organizational culture, defined by norms and values, to uphold desired team behaviors

ROJEK can also design and recommend a holistic marketing teaming model (with internal, external agencies, vendors, internal clients) to determine the best strategy for in sourcing vs. outsourcing business processes for maximum effectiveness.

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