Need help to find the best agency resources for a new project?

Want to accelerate your advertising agency search project?


Busy marketing leaders often need help to navigate the many choices of advertising, creative, media and digital agencies to hire.  With our FastTrack™ Agency Search, our advertising industry experts identify your best options. It’s an easy, smart and efficient way to get started!

Simply call or email us to tell us what kind of resource you are looking for. We conduct the search work to pre-qualify the best agencies to meet your project needs. You can request the number of candidate agencies you would like to identify.

Our FastTrack™ Agency Report provides advertisers robust data and factual profiles that often replace the need for formal RFPs.

It’s a perfect solution for strategic sourcing professionals, for small businesses, start-ups or companies hiring agencies or marketing suppliers for project or scope-specific work.

Our FastTrack™ Agency Search is more on-point than most data-driven search services on the market. As a highly regarded agency search consulting firm, we have helped clients, from the Fortune 500 to start ups, find the best agencies across a wide range communications disciplines for over twenty-five years.  Most clients want to focus their evaluation on their best options vs searching endlessly through lists or agency websites that look and feel the same.

ROJEK helps clients efficiently find project agencies for select assignments or niche agencies with a particular desired skill set to add to their agency rosters.

The process is efficient. Clients complete our Resource Requirements Survey with introductory phone call to confirm their objectives and criteria. ROJEK produces a Report & Recommendation within two weeks with a on-call availability to answer additional questions or provide a POV.

Pricing varies based on the number of candidate agencies you are interested in vetting.

Call or email us today to get a faster start on finding the right agency to meet your needs. We are here to help.
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