Need help to find the best agency resources for a new project?

Want to jump start your advertising agency search?


Busy marketing leaders often need help to navigate the many great choices of advertising, creative, media and digital agencies to hire.  With our FastTrack™ Agency Supplier Search, our advertising industry experts identify your best options. It’s easy, smart and cost affordable. And always on-target!

Simply call or  email us to tell us what kind of resource you are looking for. Let us do the search work to pre-qualify the best agencies to meet your project needs.

The FastTrack™ Agency Report provides advertisers a preliminary set of the best qualified agencies, complete with agency organizational culture profiles.

It’s a perfect service and solution for strategic sourcing professionals, for small businesses, start-ups, or companies hiring agencies for project work.

Our FastTrack™ Agency Supplier Search is smarter and more strategic that any data-driven search service on the market.

Meet Your Best Choices

Are you a small business or start-up, have a small budget, or just looking to find the right agency for digital or website project work?  Then our FastTrack™ Agency Supplier Search will work for you.

Advertising Agency Cost

This cost-effective alternative to a full service search for competitive advertising agency reviews can save you both money and time.  As a leading and highly regarded agency search consulting firm, we have helped clients from the Fortune 500 to start ups connect with agencies across a wide range communications disciplines for over twenty-five years.  We understand time is money. You want to focus your evaluation on the best options vs searching endlessly through lists and websites that look and feel the same. Now you can leverage ROJEK Consulting Group’s in-market experience to help you find your perfect project agency or agency partner. Some of our clients pass on traditional RFPs and meet with agencies we recommend based on the quality of the upfront search work we do. Now that’s efficient. 

Advertising Agency Competency & Capability

Our experience and expertise is combined with our informational databases to match you with the best ad agency to meet your company’s needs. Our recommendation report is more than a list of published agency information. It comes complete with profiles of each qualified agency supplier. Our process and search strategies are backed by an earned industry reputation marked by our principles, quality, and proven success record.

Advertising Agency Culture & Fit

As part of our expert recommendation, the FastTrack™ Agency Search Report includes findings from our proprietary CultureScan® Assessment data to help insure the appropriate client-agency fit for your new team. Our signature philosophy and recognized industry expertise with organizational culture and fit is a proven approach for finding the just-right agency to work with you and your team! Our search and selection model ensures team efficiency with great collaboration from the start as well as long-term  effectiveness that stands the test of time.

Call or email us today to get a faster start on finding the right agency for your project.