ROJEK offers clients a modern system of agency performance evaluation – with forward thinking goal setting and an emphasis on building productive partnerships.

Relationship reviews are vital to fully engaging client and agency employees to deliver great work quality!

PACE™ is a proven 360-degree advertiser-agency relationship evaluation process that includes the perspectives of both client and agency team members. It’s designed to uncover what’s working – and what’s not. It identifies opportunities to focus efforts and begin to work better together.

PACEgathers information from both qualitative interviewing and a turnkey quantitative survey that is easy to administer across functions. Rojek_CultureScan

Our Proprietary CultureScan® exercise helps client and agency team participants think about the ways in which they work and the core values that are important to each of them.

ROJEK’s industry experience allows us to engage with both parties to address underlying problems, conflicts and sensitive staffing issues with the most positive outcome.

Often our review of client scope requirements, marketing workflow, approval processes and agency compensation models helps pinpoint improvement opportunity and results in better efficiency and improved dynamics. ROJEK offers best in class solutions to accelerate required change – content and tools that are further customized to specific client-agency relationship issues.

Our consultants have unsurpassed experience at providing insights and value to clients who want to improve the ways in which they work with their agencies.

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