Become better, together. ROJEK offers its clients a modern system of agency performance evaluation – with forward thinking goal setting and an emphasis on productive partnerships.

PACE™ is a proven 360-degree advertiser-agency relationship review and evaluation process that includes the perspectives of both client and agency team members. It’s designed to uncover what’s working – and what’s not. It identifies opportunities to team better together. Relationship reviews are vital to engage employees and ensure great work quality!

PACE™ includes industry-specific performance measures tailored to the ways companies work with advertising agencies and the ways agencies serve their clients. Team participants are focused on identifying future areas for improvement. Qualitative interviewing is an option to round out the survey data.

Organizational Cultural norms and values, unique to all companies, are articulated and appreciated!  Cultural EQ is the foundation of effective teaming practices that impact work quality, efficiency and value.

Often a review of client scope requirements, marketing workflow, approval processes and compensation models helps focus the situation further. ROJEK offers best in class solutions that are easily customized to specific client-agency relationships. Perfect before an annual budgeting season!

Our consultants have unsurpassed experience at providing value to clients that want to improve the ways in which they work with their agencies.

Sometimes agencies initiate and sponsor PACE. We counsel agencies on client retention strategies to improve relationships, ensure stability and enable future business development and growth.

ROJEK’s experience and reputation for integrity allows us to engage and address underlying issues, conflict and frankly, sensitive people and personality issues, with the most positive outcomes.

Perhaps a confidential conversation to discuss your specific situation is a next step?