Best Brand Campaign Development – Managing Process

Do you want to get better creative ideas and campaigns from the current agencies you are working with, but aren’t sure how?

Do you want to preview better, more effective creative output from the agencies you are considering hiring for an important assignment?

Something is Broken

Many clients get frustrated by the lack of sustained creative ideas from their agency partners and wonder why the work falls short of expectations. We often hear, “my management doesn’t like our advertising.” Or “My agency seemed like the right choice and started strong, but we just haven’t seen quality creative options coming from them lately. Is it us? Is it them?”

ROJEK offers certified marketing professionals that understand the context for creative development on behalf of a brand or company. Equally important, ROJEK is deeply experienced in Integrated Marketing Communication campaign development. We know how to architect creative ideas and platforms in multiple media that will resonate with client decision makers and create the confidence you seek in your marketing investment. We are expert at briefing, activating, managing and motivating creative resources.

Clients hire us to identify and source the prospective agency talent to create prototype campaigns; work that generates the very big and impactful ideas that will serve to differentiate a client’s brand in market, command attention and sustain over time.

Agency Whisperers

ROJEK is uniquely qualified to lead and orchestrate the development of creative work for our clients as they validate the right mix of agency partners to hire.

Clients also hire us for directing creative development work, leveraging our expert coaching and consulting expertise in a way that allows for unfettered ideas to be generated.  We represent client interests as we function as managing directors of their resources and expenditures to ensure the agency creative work product exceeds our client expectations. Sometimes this work is a part of an agency review. Sometimes clients need our professional expertise to orchestrate alternative campaign platforms for potential consideration from their current agency partners. Sometimes clients need the creative development process to be integral to the agency sourcing process.

We have clients that choose to participate in interim creative development work sessions; other times they outsource the creative development process to us and review the unbiased and recommended campaign results.

Having creatively coached agencies for several decades to produce recognizable brand work for clients, we are highly regarded in the industry and welcomed by participating agencies who see value in our collaborative process.  Our work has resulted in successful and iconic brand work as diverse as the launch of an internet bank Ally, or the creation of the travelling gnome for Travelocity, or “The World Judges, We Don’t – At Planet Fitness, Be Free” campaign that debuted during Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve celebration on ABC.  Work that was created, approved and sustains over time as a result of our creative coaching and leadership.

Have a creative challenge and are not sure where to start? Let us help you organize the strategic brief, identify the right agencies to activate or evaluate and prepare alternative work for your review. Let’s go!