Marketing moves Fast.

Sometimes you need marketing advice, a quick answer, or a confidential conversation. We advise clients and agency leaders on a variety of topics, quickly, directly and confidentially.

We help professionals build their personal brands and plan for accelerated career success or transition. We have a certified, professional Master Level Executive Coach who specializes in Career Planning for Marketing professionals.


Our goal is to help you as directly and quickly as possible.

 Rojek CMO Coach on call

OK, SO How Does COACH-on-CALL work?

We use the Clarity platform, where you can book your appointment for our coaching session or meeting through their online service.

It’s easy, confidential and how we can efficiently help you in the ways you need.

To schedule your call or meeting, please click here to proceed.

STEP 1: Grab your Calendar. Schedule your call.

  • You select three dates and times that work best for you.
  • You enter the topic of the session or your question, and can request a specific consultant.
  • We respond within 24-48 hours, and confirm one of the times you’ve listed.
  • You receive a confirmation email with the conference line and access code.
  • As many as eight people can use the same conference call data, if you’d like others to join your end of the call.

STEP 2: Let’s Connect, Discuss and Solve your Issue.

  • At the scheduled time, call the conference line provided to you in the confirmation email.
  • If there will be more than one person on your side, each much dial the same number on a separate line.
  • We will provide advice, referral and action-oriented help with your question.

STEP 3: Pay for Expertise by the Hour or in Micro-minutes

  • After our conference session call, you are charged a fee for services for the actual time used, prorated based on our blended hourly consulting rates ($300).
  • We’ll get paid directly by Clarity.
  • You can opt to rate and review our time together, an important customer service and accountability step to ensure high value.
  • We are here for follow up help as you need it.

Every successful leader has a Coach-on-Call. Many leaders make it ROJEK. Many connect quarterly.

Ready to schedule your first session?  Click here to proceed.