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The HoneyTap Project ™ is a complimentary service ROJEK provides for not-for-profit organizations seeking to find the best choice advertising agencies they can hire to build their brands and support their cause. HoneyTap™ connects clients with the advertising agencies that want to add not-for-profit clients and their projects to their portfolios.

The ROJEK Consulting Group refers qualifying 501c organizations to the best choice advertising agencies, based on their organization’s expressed mission, communication and scope requirements, cultural fit and of course, their budget for the agency. We preview these opportunities with select agencies that are not only qualified but motivated to work with these important projects and organizations. The stage is set for a mutually rewarding relationship to come.


Having recruited the right-choice advertising agencies for its consulting clients for over 25 years, the ROJEK Consulting Group has the advertising industry knowledge, agency network and databases to support its vision for The HoneyTap Project™. It’s a fun and rewarding service we can provide. Our own work in finding the right agency to refresh an iconic brand like The American Heart Association was an awesome experience. Sometimes our consulting work is with a family foundation, or a start up for social good; organizations that needs a little help to connect with the right people to help them market themselves more effectively.

Agencies interested in getting these direct referrals from ROJEK should register in our database. Tell us what kinds of not-for-profit projects and clients would be a good fit to motivate and engage agency employees.  It’s helpful for us to know of the agency track record in this field. You can share examples of client work in multi- media /PR that is designed to build awareness and advocacy, engage donors and volunteers, or influence public opinion and behavior.

(Agency registration is a good idea in general so we know what your agency is all about !)

Bee Generous

We welcome the opportunity to connect non-profit organizations with potential advertising agency partners, and in doing so, do some good!

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