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Culture can be your Superpower

How to Build Cultural Capital in a messy world

As eyes stayed glued to media outlets reporting election results, one thing becomes more clear. Today people make choices through the lens of character, values and cultural filters as much as they consider issues of politics and public policy.

We are voting for the who and the how we want to go forward.

We are deciding which candidate fits the culture of our National ambitions.

Culture is a powerful thing 

For the nation, for individuals and especially for business.

Culture isn’t elusive. It is the driving force that leaders can actually take to the bank.  Cultural capital is recognized as one of the most critical assets of some of the world’s most admired brands.

While talent is foundational, culture is the glue that connects the team. While tools and tech are essential, culture gives purpose to how they are used. While vision is critical, culture guides it to become inspired navigation for others. 

Strong Brands with Cultural Capital – Entrepreneur

Cultural improvement is not a topical solution.

When people provide evidence of their effort to build a strong company culture, they often mention the things that surround people more than the internal navigation of the people. We all agree today’s workforce wants to feel engaged and fulfilled, yet the most talked about provisions for cultural well-being are things like coffee bars, ping-pong tables, flexible days off and unlimited cold cereal snacks. I mean, I like Cap’n Crunch as much as anyone, but a fulfilling meal it’s not. Building true cultural capital goes much deeper.

But does it take crisis to start a revolution?

It shouldn’t, but pressure from external circumstances often creates opportunity. 

The desire to improve cultural strength has been especially salient during the pandemic. It’s vulnerability has become visible in many ways. Even the office walls that enclosed us have been removed. The proverbial water cooler has been replaced by Zoom boxes.  The white boards of collaboration are significantly altered by a lack of time, focus and interaction. 

In a world filled with divisive behaviors and physical separation, leaders can focus on strengthening cultural connection as means to unlock potential, whether it’s to heal a nation, inspire an organization, or even sharpen a brand purpose.

Understanding what core values and ambitions for change are shared by others helps leaders navigate around obstacles and rise above the mess. Leaders with this superpower are the ones that inspire a following and win support.

Brands with Ambition for Growth

Culture matters a lot to marketers. In the brand business, an open collaborative connected culture that unites teams and connects people is fundamental to success. It profoundly impacts the creative process, human intuition and driving more purposeful messages in our world. 

CQ helps brand leaders knit together high-performing, cohesive teams, tapping into the strengths of each member of the group.

Cultural Q is an unlocking mechanism

Cultural Assessment unlocks:

  • THE INTANGIBLE. Measuring what is important to people, how they experience the culture, and how they would like to improve it.
  • SHADOWS/LIMITATIONS. Identifying the factors that limit performance, preventing efforts from reaching full potential.
  • PERSPECTIVES. Reporting cultural values from different perspectives to deepen understanding , unlock more connection opportunities.
  • AMBITIONS. Learning which values are highly valued and desirable, even if not present today.

BUILD CONNECTED TEAMS: Cultural data also allows leaders to quickly find the right partners and expand marketing resource, even when working remotely. Cultural due diligence in supplier selection maximizes the opportunity for cultural fit. It can help define the path for alignment between teams of people who will create and collaborate today, as they build greater value over time.

Leaders lean into culture. They understand it, measure it, harness it and cultivate connections everywhere as a result.

Culture may be your very own super power.

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