Successful leaders understand the power of organizational culture.

We all admire brands with engaged people who work well together, energized by their sense of shared purpose and values.

Marketing leaders know the importance of harnessing the good that comes from cultural alignment. They orchestrate multiple teams, connecting and directing across internal functions and external agency partners in service to their customer. They strive to create authentic brands and build momentum towards marketing goals.

For more than 30 years, ROJEK has provided the training, data assessments, and guidance to C-Suite leaders and CMOs seeking to build and sustain a high performing, values-driven culture of growth.

Our proprietary cultural assessment tech platform features user-friendly data collection and value-added data analysis.

Make The Intangible Tangible – Find out what is important to your people, how they experience the culture, and how they would like to improve it.

Identify Shadows/Limitations – Learn what factors are limiting the performance of your group and preventing it from reaching its full potential.

Lean into VALUES JUMPS – Learn which values are most important to the members of your group.

EXPAND PERSPECTIVES– Review the data from different angles to deepen the exploration and understanding of your culture.

Build Cohesion & Growth – Create a culture where people are open to sharing, armed with meaningful data to create a deeper dialogue.

Improve Marketing Team Culture

ROJEK’s proprietary cultural assessment digital tools, data reports and dashboards help C-suite leaders identify and measure important core values that impact team behavior 

Leaders can make the intangible, tangible.

Perfect for new CMOs who want to quickly:

Improve Client-Agency Team Culture

Marketing leaders who sponsor meaningful and effective Agency Performance feedback are able to motivate client and agency team members to work better together.

Consulting engagements also address:

ROJEK Experience

We bring over thirty years of industry experience regarding agency selection, evaluation and compensation models, multiple agency partner integration and teaming practices, and agency performance management systems. We apply organizational cultural data and adapt proven best practices to inform our work and strategic recommendations.

As trusted advisors, our experienced consultants can advise clients on tough, nuanced agency relationship and performance issues. We are able to address underlying performance problems, conflicts and sensitive staffing issues to result in positive changes and outcomes.

Our industry reputation for integrity is a reflection of our own core values, operating principles and the consultative, collaborative way we engage with people.

Consultant Code of Conduct is available upon request.

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