Cultural Assessment and Team Performance

The Power of Culture

Successful leaders understand the power of a high performing organizational culture. 

We all admire companies and brands with engaged people who work well together, energized by shared purpose and values.

Everything Good Comes from Cultural Fit.™

Marketing leaders also know the importance of leveraging the good work that comes from cultural alignment.

They orchestrate multiple teams of resources, connecting and directing across internal functions and external agency partners, in service to their customer. They strive to create positive change and momentum for their brands.

ROJEK Consulting has over 30 years of experience providing the training, assessments, and guidance to these marketing leaders seeking to build and sustain a high performing, values-driven culture of growth.

Today our proprietary technology enables a better type of due diligence in agency and marketing supplier selection.

It also allows leaders to influence the cultural connections among teams of people who work together. With easy, user-friendly data collection and insightful analysis of cultural dynamics, leaders can feel confident in their decisions about their marketing resources and financial investment.

Our work is tailored to the marketing discipline and highly valued by the companies that hire us. 

We help leaders to recruit top talent, build teams, and find and hire the right agencies using measurable data to set the bar for how they can work better together.


For Marketing Teams

Our CultureFit™ cultural assessment tool and platform can be applied to small or large teams within a company seeking to work better together.

For Marketing & Agency Partner Teams

Our CultureFit™ cultural assessment tool and platform in combination with our PACE 360 Program™ can be applied to a client marketing group and their external agency partners seeking to work better together, continuously improve and measure progress towards shared goals.