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Didn’t 2021 go as fast as 2020 went slow?

2022. Wait, what? 

It feels like we blinked and the world stopped and then re-started and is now operating in a more full gear than ever before. It’s been a whirlwind. More people needed, but less people available. More pitches to swing for, but less time to swing. More sales to drive, but less stores to sell. More time to be at home, yet no time to feel at home.

There is no better time to pause, breathe in and out and thinkHow can I make 2022 different than both 2020 and 2021?

This is it. This is all you get.  Literally, steal a moment of reflection and scan our quick take on what you need to do now as we turn page on another year.

Here are three pro-tips that with a little more focus on will go a long way:

1) Solve the great resignation problem from the inside out. 

It is not news to you that the agency world is in the midst of a significant shift of talent. While indications suggest that this may slow in Q1 2022, there is only one thing that you control more than anything else. That is the environment that will keep your people not wanting to leave in the first place. 

Here are a few questions to consider:

  • If it costs, on average, 30% more to replace your people, how much less would it cost to boost and keep them?
  • If full office working isn’t good for them and full WFH isn’t good for you, can they help you define the balanced solution?
  • Over time, benefits have become too corporate and less human. How can your benefits be more beneficial to all?

Easier than you think.

Culture used to only be a soft measure. Ask us how ROJEK’s CultureFit™ can help provide you hard data to help you define your cultural strengths, and leverage them for talent retention and overall growth.

2) Be crystal clear about what you are best at doing. 

Most every agency has a page that defines how they are different, yet they almost all sound the same. Just like all strategy, sacrifice creates strength. Focus has never been more important. 

Here are a few questions to consider:

  • What would make you hire your agency over others?  Really.
  • Where do you have a right to win, not just a want to win?
  • Who will you win in the next few years as a marker for progress?  How about a few years after that?

Easier than you think.

Juice by ROJEK  is our bespoke agency facing practice developed to help propel agencies and get them market ready, more competitive and more defined in their path to growth. If you’d like to learn more about how our industry view of your potential rounds out what you need to know to compete in 2022, reach out to Michael Goldberg (

3) Tool up. 

Every craftsman has tools of the trade to equip them for the job. Winmo is where many successful agencies go for vital and fast information on who/what/where to focus their contact efforts.

Winmo is our favorite go-to sales intelligence platform; you’re going need it and know how to use it. It was founded with the mission to help more advertising professionals prepare to serve their advertiser-clients. They now offer compiled data services for brands and advertisers. With real-time sales alerts, custom lead recommendations, and accurate sales predictions, it’s easy to identify your best prospects, stay on top of their activity, track your competitors and capitalize on emerging external trends.

Easier than you think.

Check out their site to learn more. And if you’re not included in their agency database you should be.

If you didn’t have to stop to get on a Zoom, take a call, rest your eyes or walk your dog, I hope you found this helpful to make the new year the best one yet.

Which action will you take?