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Growing Inside Out

Where does Growth Come from?

Everyone wants to grow, especially during times like these. Most brands have ambition. Many have growth plans. Business owners and marketers understand the sweat equity and grit it takes.  So with all that intention, and despite what people showcase about their efforts, why is real growth so rare?

It can’t be that people are not working hard enough – just look at the social posts touting working from everywhere, always on. It can’t be that there is not enough pressure– just look the labor challenges for every business that wasn’t deemed “essential” over the last six months. It can’t be because remote working has caused a slow down – just look at our Outlook calendars and Zoom call logs.

Perhaps we are making too much of pushing ourselves– and too little of knowing ourselves. Perhaps the answer is the space between trying to grow from the outside versus growing from the inside.

Making the intangible, tangible

The culture of our companies matters.  And that can be taken to the bank.

  • A Deloitte study confirms 94% of executives see a direct line between distinct culture and distinctively better results.
  • A Hewitt study of 160 companies identified that firms with better cultural alignment achieve 3X the revenue growth over those who don’t. 
  • Entrepreneur Magazine showcased 10 of the most valuable brands in the world who state that culture matters most – more than products, services, marketing or operations.
  • In fact, ROJEK cultural data assessments (spanning 96 companies in 23 countries), can prove a direct, quantitative connection between financial performance and cultural alignment.

Cultural alignment with people on the inside, amplified by alignment with resource partners on the outside.

CultureFit Search Services

It matters the most in selecting marketing suppliers and advertising partners, which is why it always matters to ROJEK. As the leading certified marketing consulting firm specializing in advertising industry agency review services, our proprietary CultureFit™ Model uses organizational data science to help advertisers understand the meaningful differences between capable and hard working potential partners.

Our cultural assessment and data analysis helps leaders know where the constraints and limiting conditions of the current company culture holds people back, draining energy and diluting focus. Often the choice of a key marketing agency or supplier brings desired cultural values, like creativityagility or innovation, to the equation, serving as a catalyst to changes in ways of working.

Our proprietary data and agency review process creates cultural insights and experiences that help leaders make the smartest decisions in agency selection. Insights that enable the best of perfectly right partnerships. Those that start strong, those that are engineered to last. Those relationships that are designed to impact growth, and create even more value over time.

To learn more about how a cultural fit can help your brand grow stronger, and faster from the inside out, reach me directly at