Non-Profit Power: Connecting for Good.

September 1, 2017 | Lorraine Stewart

The HoneyTap Project™ is a new consulting service created by ROJEK Consulting that connects non-profit organizations with qualified advertising agencies. The gratis agency referral service enables non-profit 501c organizations to find the best advertising industry resources, including creative, digital and multi-media agencies, to build their brands and activate their cause.

The HoneyTap Project™ is our way to demonstrate our core values, serve others and leverage our industry-wide expertise for common good.

Non-profits benefit from strategic brand communications to build awareness and engage their donors, volunteers and constituents. They often need to find and hire agency partners that are not only affordable and outcome based, but a great fit culturally with their own organizations.

Most advertising agencies leaders value working with non-profit clients. This is a good way to engage their employees with a higher sense of purpose and diversify their assignments. Cause-related marketing challenges not only stimulate expansive thinking but inspire creativity ~ and the work created is designed to move people to engage with brands and take action.


Everyone likes their work to makes a difference in the world.


Helping Non-Profits Find Ad Agencies

ROJEK Consulting is here to listen, connect non-profit organizations with agencies and elevate their story.

We interview the qualifying 501(c) organization to understand what each is trying to accomplish; its expressed mission, communication goals, agency scope requirements, and most importantly, organization core values and culture.

We then leverage our advertising industry knowledge, connections and cultural data to identify several pre-qualified agencies for consideration. We connect interested agencies with our non-profit clients and facilitate a great, mutual introductory meeting.Helping Non Profits find ad agencies

Having recruited the right advertising agencies for its consulting clients for over 25 years, the ROJEK Consulting Group has the experience and expertise to support its vision for The HoneyTap Project.

The ROJEK Consulting practice is fortunate enough to count among its clients the largest of non-profits, like the American Heart Association and United Jewish Communities, to smaller private and family foundations.


ROJEK proprietary intellectual property regarding organizational culture and its tool CultureScan® enables the consultancy to structure effective agency-client partnerships and high performance teams, a philosophy and sourcing method we have validated over 25+ years.

Creative, digital and media agencies are invited to register in our online agency database and create or update their Profile. This online registration captures the agency’s non-profit sector interest and expertise, cultural indicators and overall agency resource capabilities.

Designed to inspire others to Bee Generous, The HoneyTap Project is committed to our role in advertising industry success.