Quickly and Efficiently Manage the RFP Process

Busy marketing and procurement leaders need to identify and mobilize the best, most capable external partners, but often don’t possess the time or marketing-specific expertise to effectively manage an RFP process. Or evaluate agency capability and work product.

With our proven RFP Management Services, our industry-certified consultants will efficiently design and manage the logistics of the RFP process, from start to finish, while providing valuable experience-based, strategic insights along the way.

Smart and efficient

We’ll ensure that the RFP process is designed so the outcomes meet your expectations – saving you time and money. Our consultants will listen to stakeholder inputs and needs, recommend the best process, identify the best candidate agencies, and manage the RFP evaluation to produce the outcomes important to you.

Best practice tools and industry data anchor our bespoke RFP services and increase the quality of agency supplier candidates under consideration.

Our full service process includes efficiently guiding the organization through strategic planning, supplier selection criteria identification, RFP (or RFI or RFQ) document development, bid or proposal management, preview of agency proposals, virtual review sessions with Q & A, finalist presentations, and a facilitated selection decision.

Our industry expertise and data ensures clients receive the best value for the services that they seek. Compensation planning and contract review services are also available.

ROJEK helps clients define scope of work requirements as well as performance metrics associated with hiring agencies and marketing suppliers.

Our CultureScan® tools ensure the agencies recommended and selected will fit with your own organizational culture.

Marketing Industry Expertise

As a leading advertising industry agency search consulting firm, we help our clients source the best advertising industry suppliers. We deliver custom-designed RFP Management Services across diverse, vertical industries for Fortune 500 companies and growing brands.

The output from our RFP services produces a set of agency choices, and proposed work, that clients can contract for hire with confidence.

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