Strengthen Creative Leadership

Elevate Brand Creative Work

Great creative leadership has never been more critical for marketing-oriented companies today. From strategic insights to brand expression to digital design, our clients often seek an inspired creative leader at the helm. A key leader to engage others and produce work that exceeds expectations and achieves results.

Marketing budgets are precious, deadlines are tighter, and technologies are evolving, rapidly. Delivering the captivating, differentiating brand creative experiences savvy consumers pay attention to is increasingly difficult.

Creative leadership roles require unique skills and interpersonal dynamics that are distinctly different from other positions within the company.

Inspired Solutions

Identifying and evaluating top creative talent today is no easy task. For 30 years, ROJEK Consulting has created the proprietary assessment tools and recruitment process to identify the best creative talent. Leaders who will fully align with a client’s purpose, vision and core values. Talent to infuse new life into older established brands.

Our TallTalent™ recruitment methodologies not only assess creative thinking and ideation but importantly the candidate’s organizational fit within a company’s culture. Organizational fit impacts creative leadership ability and creative teaming practices. It’s the driver of successful placement for any qualified candidate in creative leadership positions.

Our assessment process determines which candidates can best collaborate across diverse stakeholders as they orchestrates internal teams and external agencies; those with strategic, creative and production abilities to influence brand expression in multi-media and multi-channel environments. Those with Managerial skills to leverage company resources and identify systems to deliver outcomes on time and on budget.

For thirty years we have helped our clients source creative talent, organize creative functions and manage creative teams.

Let us recruit the creative professionals who will lead your resource teams as well as elevate the quality and effectiveness of brand creative work.

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