Determine Internal vs External Creative Resources

Impact Brand Creativity

Most companies (actually 65%) have some internal creative services capability but are often encountering growing pains as they face the future. The rapidly evolving media environment has disrupted the conventional means of creating and delivering advertising and brand messaging.

Integrate & Elevate

The next generation of digital communications requires a steady stream of always -on brand content designed to enhance user engagement. The requirements for brand strategy, content creation, asset production, and delivery with continuous optimization grows in both volume and complexity, especially as a company scales.

Marketing and Creative Leaders often seek a way to plan resources, recruit talent and determine their best in-sourcing vs. outsourcing strategies for maximum effectiveness.

In-house advertising agencies are on the rise as marketers look for more effective and cost-efficient advertising models. Companies often seek better control of the brand creative process and outcome.


Solutions & Services

The 5-D Consultative Model is our proprietary process, supported by validated tools and data, is designed to engage client and agency stakeholders effectively in solutions.

Our industry-certified marketing consultants and executive coaches bring the creative leadership experience with keen insights regarding team building and creative a culture that values creativity. 

The Context of Organizational Design

Our consulting support for organizational design consulting with the build out for In-House Agencies and Content Studios has helped growing companies manage resources, scale for growth and elevate creative work product.

ROJEK consultants who are Creative Directors have also managed client internal creative functions on -site on an interim basis to implement changes while full-time Creative Leaders are recruited and on-boarded.

Prior consulting work for clients has included:

  • Creative team oversight for creative campaign development
  • Creative Department /Team Organizational Charts, Reporting Relationships
  • Talent Recruitment Services and Leadership Development Plans
  • Customized Job Descriptions for Internal positions
  • Marketing Workflow Visualization, with Supporting systems/tools
  • Organizational culture change plans, with desired norms and values, for desired team behaviors
  • Creative Team Performance Assessment, Integration and Goal Setting

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