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Use Windows Installer (MSI) files to distribute the Teams client to multiple users and computers. I know you can install the machine based installer but as i understand that will only do the user based install on the first login of a profile. Microsoft Teams Silent Install (EXE) · Download the MSTeamsSetup_x_x_.exe to a folder created at (C:\Downloads) · Open an Elevated Command Prompt by Right-.❿


Silent Install : Microsoft Teams . Ms teams silent install


I was told by MS Support that a script to modify or centrally set the desktop-config. That is true — it does control most of the settings for Teams. Also, change the action from update to replace. This will cause it to replace the default file that is created but to not change anything after that. Blog Start Here! First time? Programs are case sensitive.

Tea is the correct program name for Microsoft Teams. Write-Host Program not found. Leave a Reply Cancel reply. Really keen to engage with this product but its a no go till it installs correctly and removes the user auto-update Another stupid practice. Wondering if you ever found this.

Check line 40, it requires powershell v4, I had the same problem on some Windows 7 systems which were running v2. Does this script account for 32 bit os and 64 bit os or does it need to be modified to work with both separately? But if you still have 32bit OSes floating around then it would be a simple modification for you to either add the logic to the script or add a parameter to specify the architecture to install.

Or just make a copy of the script and change the executable name for the Teams installer so that it installs the 32bit version instead. Hi this is excellent and working just fine! Hi Paul thanks for your reply. No, but you could just configure your GPOs so they only apply when users are logging on to PCs and not servers. You drink too much coolaid. Why in the world does this install to the users profile instead of the program files folder?

It makes it impossible to deploy to enterprise users with standard tools. Good questions. By installing to the user profile, it allows the application to install without requiring administrative access. There is an Enterprise version of Chrome that installs into the Program Files or whatever directory you configure it to.

This is a requirement in an Enterprise environment where the management of applications is required. Teams is a shocking example of how not to deploy an application. Not to mention that sorry excuse for an MSI that was provided, is basically just acting as a stub to launch the installer. This article explains what a Cloud PC is, some of the key benefits of using a cloud PC, and some of the common use cases for Windows This article explains how to use the Microsoft Graph API and PowerShell to extract meeting data from the calendars of room mailboxes to generate statistics.

Subscribe for Practical updates Error Message. Error Message. Tweet Share Share. The Microsoft Teams desktop client installer is available for Windows, Mac, and mobile devices. The Mac installer and the Windows setup.

The Windows setup. An MSI package for Windows is also available in x86 and x64 versions. Table of Contents. You can download my Install-MicrosoftTeams. About the Author Paul Cunningham. He works as a consultant, writer, and trainer specializing in Office and Exchange Server. Paul no longer writes for Practical Anton Leslie 11 Sep Reply. Dash 4 Aug Reply. Please help me to resolve this issue.

Many thanks. Regards Dash. Alexander 24 Nov Reply. Josh 30 May Reply. Thanks a ton. Erik Hoffmann 26 Mar Reply. Danie 27 Feb Reply. Steve Stilson 25 Sep Reply. Wayne Hanks 9 Jul Reply. Phillip 10 Jun Reply. Immi Marzook 22 May Reply. Chris Steenkamp 10 May Reply. Kat 17 Apr Reply. Willem Verwijs 7 May Reply.

Pearl B 1 May Reply. Could someone please point me towards a list of the install switches for the teams MSI? Rob Wickham 30 Mar Reply. Mark Fenwick 19 Dec Reply. Brandi Mahurin 13 Oct Reply. Squuiid 12 Oct Reply. Tom 5 Oct Reply. Rashantha De Silva 6 Sep Reply. Nightmare for an enterprise installation. Eirik Norum 2 Jul Reply. Paul Cunningham 2 Jul Reply.

I explain in the article how the MSI installer behaves. Eirik Norum 3 Jul Darren 23 May Reply. Robert 26 Jul Reply. Robert 26 Jul Mark Wilson 24 May Reply. Paul Cunningham 24 May Reply. Nahum 20 Jun Reply. Paul Cunningham 20 Jun Eric Bostrom 22 Jun Paul Cunningham 22 Jun I wish it were better than that, sure.

MelQ 12 Jul Bruce 8 May Reply. Hi Paul, The cleanup script from MS fails all the time. Thanks, -Bruce. Paul Cunningham 8 May Reply. Ahhhhhhh coding is fun. Michael 19 Apr Reply. Hi The provisioning works well. The log file containcs this line, saying that it cannt access files outside the appdata folder: — error — Blocked to load files outside of app folder.

Doug Cote 12 Apr Reply. Paul Cunningham 12 Apr Reply. Artem Makaryan 21 Mar Reply. Thanks for answer and help! Dinator 15 Nov Reply. Martin Gauvreau 22 Feb Reply. Martin Gauvreau 10 Feb Reply. Paul Cunningham 11 Feb Reply.

Arjan Kop 1 May Reply. Paul Cunningham 9 Feb Reply. Bruce 6 Jan Reply. It will not install from a shared directory. Paul Cunningham 6 Jan Reply. When I was writing the blog post and demo scenario I installed from a shared directory. Francis Theys 10 Jan Reply. BSK 4 Jan Reply. Paul Cunningham 4 Jan Reply. Why would you want to stop it auto-updating? Teams won’t start until the user manually starts Teams. After the user manually starts Teams, Teams automatically starts whenever the user logs in.

All users can then uninstall Teams if they have admin credentials on the computer. If you run the MSI manually, be sure to run it with elevated permissions. Even if you run it as an administrator, without running it with elevated permissions, the installer won’t be able to configure the option to disable auto start. Skip to main content. This browser is no longer supported. Download Microsoft Edge More info. Table of contents Exit focus mode.

Table of contents. Tip Watch the following session to learn about the benefits of the Windows Desktop Client, how to plan for it and how to deploy it: Teams Windows Desktop Client. Note Teams can also be distributed to your organization as part of Microsoft Apps for enterprise. Important Install the bit version of Teams only on bit operating systems. Important We don’t recommended that you change the default install locations as this could break the update flow.

Important The next steps contain information about how to modify the registry. Tip You can also use our Teams deployment clean up script to complete steps 1 and 2. Caution If you’ve already deployed Teams and want to set this policy to disable Teams autostart, first set the Group Policy setting to the value you want, and then run the Teams autostart reset script on a per-user basis. Note If you run the MSI manually, be sure to run it with elevated permissions.