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RCG Consulting Rebrands in the New Year

RCG Consulting Group updates brand and web presence to ROJEK Consulting

Happy New Year! As marketing, advertising and digital media industry experts we want to “walk the talk” and have our own digital presence be easy to find for companies and agencies.

Effective now, is

We have expanded our services for clients as well as added new, high value content for advertising, creative and media agencies seeking our point of view on industry issues.

We invite advertising agencies to create or update their Agency Profile to keep us current on all that they offer prospective clients.

Talented consultants from coast to coast are a part of the ROJEK team. Some like Dave Windahl, Tina Wascovich and Erin Taylor have contributed for many years to RCG Consulting Group success; others like James Shipp, Diana Stuart and Grace Rojek are recent additions to the ROJEK Consulting Group team!

For over 25 years, The RCG Consulting Group has been committed to client success as we advise CMOs on the search and selection of their advertising, creative and media agencies to build brands; in an era of digital marketing transformation, we embrace as our new presence in a new era.

ROJEK continues to follow 4 A’s  American Association of Advertising Agency Guidelines for Agency Reviews.

Our mantra continues: Start with Culture. Finish with Fit.

Here’s to a successful start for clients and agencies in the new year!