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Machines are taking over the agency world.

Following the great resignation where agency owners stated “talent” as the number one concern about the industry, I am surprised how many are still fearful to lean into the machines more. Just think about it from a talent and cultural perspective for a moment.

Machines process information 1MMX+ faster than humans, so they are sharp and agile. Machines don’t take sick days, so they are reliable without a drain on healthcare insurance costs. They don’t have Zoom fatigue that impacts mental health and most any situation of over work seems to be solved by a simple “reboot.” Heck, they don’t even require coffee, beer taps or office snacks which add up to real money.

It gets better.

Machines don’t care about remote working, so they really will work from anywhere. Machines don’t need development plans or bonus calculations, so they are self-motivated. They don’t post stupid things on social media they have to take down and they don’t get offended so they never sue. They don’t even demand feedback, but when they get it, it only makes them stronger, faster and smarter.

Will these super-staffers make our jobs obsolete? Perhaps, but the paranoid will be the first to go and the most creative among us may never fall. Why? They know that the responsibility of brand strategy and creativity is bound by unearthing things that inspire, not just inform. 

In other words, until I hear differently…

Machines cannot yet pronounce Cannes (either).

Machines used to be great at sourcing back history to define a likelihood. Now they can step toward future solutions based on sounds logic and evidence. Name one Lion award given to the logical answer. In an industry that sees precedent as danger more than comfort, there will always be room for a new angle in. 

They don’t yet feel. Machine IQ is off the charts, EQ not so much. The most winning agencies know how important empathy is to everything they do and inspiring everyone they hire. Those things are anything but artificial.

They don’t get jokes. Success often comes down to the nuance between what is said and typed. There is a common humanity in sharing a smile and laugh that code cannot yet replicate.

They don’t have friends. People do business with others that they trust more than for any other reason– trust as people first, and as providers of solutions that will help their business.  And that kind of trust building never asks if you are a robot.

They don’t get goosebumps. AI is like the kid who gets a perfect SAT score, but just doesn’t have the X factor…that extra little thing that makes you so excited and proud to be in this business that it becomes so infectious others want to be working with you or for you. 

Agencies that win new clients most often harness the power of a goose bump like nobody’s business.

ROJEK understands the undeniable power of harnessing people, culture and creativity. We can help build your agency growth rate so you can rise against any machine. Goosebumps all around.

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