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It is a powerful thing.

The agency world spends a great deal of time trying to understand culture outside their building to shape the work they do, when it’s the culture inside the building that shapes the success of the agency. 

Agency culture is not about a ping-pong table, coffee bar or flexible days off, but something far more important that inspires all. 

To understand your agency’s culture is a wonderful start, but harnessing it to grow inside out is where all the power lies.

Everything Good Starts with Cultural Fit.

1. we want to know you.

Let’s start with Agency Registration

2. We want to know you even better.

Let's get to know you, and what is uniquely you.

Our proprietary CultureFit™ Study measures what matters the most in agency search and selection. 

Custom-designed for the industry, our cultural assessment defines the unique elements of your agency culture, looking at both current core values and future ambitions.

Your Agency Study Results also provides a clearer view of how your unique culture can help the agency show up to the world. 

Agency leaders learn which cultural strengths to lean into as well as the potential cultural constraints, those watch-outs that can drain energy and limit growth.

It’s Easy & Affordable

  • Start with Agency Registration above.
  • We will plan your custom agency cultural assessment with you, with emailed instructions, including a link to our tech platform.
  • Plan to invite up to 10 members of the agency to complete the study.
  • You’ll receive your Agency Culture Report with ROJEK Readiness Evaluation.
  • We will walk you through the confidential results, offering our view and recommendations to amplify the value of your culture.
  • You’ll have a head start, as your Agency Profile will be ready for our clients who short list their consideration set based on cultural fit and alignment.
  • Note: ROJEK provides Agency Profiles to our clients only with your expressed permission to do so, following NDA.

Your customized Agency Culture Study, costs $5000, payable by credit card

Every agency leader wants to leverage the unique aspects of agency culture to grow.
Winning agencies know how to make the most their story, to differentiate the agency within the industry.
S/he also appreciates that cultural health and well-being impacts client retention and employee engagement.
Happy People. Happy Clients.

Industry Expertise + Cultural Creds

Certified in Organizational Cultural Assessment and Core Values Analytics 

Our Cultural Value Solutions are designed to help advertising industry owners and leaders magnify their effectiveness as they recognize their true cultural impact and embrace a values-driven leadership style. 

We apply data and technology to help clients and agency leaders measure core values of organizations and teams, and advise on ways to create alignment and engagement. 

That’s fancy way to say we know and believe in what we are doing. 

  • Make The Intangible Tangible – Find out what is important to your people, how they experience the current agency culture, and how they would like to improve it.
  • Identify Shadows/Limitations – Learn what factors are limiting the performance of your group and preventing it from reaching its full potential.
  • Lean into VALUES JUMPS – Learn which values are most important to the members of your group to produce an action plan for changes.
  • EXPAND PERSPECTIVES– Review the data from different perspectives and norms to deepen the exploration and understanding of your culture.
  • Build Cohesion to Impact Growth – Create a framework where people are open to sharing, with meaningful data and insights to create a deeper dialogue.
Agency Leaders Measure What Matters

Everything Good Starts with Cultural Fit.™