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Passionate About Cultural Fit

Organizational culture is the most important dynamic of great client-agency team partnerships, the partnerships that start strong and increase in value over time.

For more than 30 years ROJEK has partnered Fortune 500 companies and growing brands with their agencies with great success.

We have pioneered understanding and measuring the way cultural intel influences the success of client-agency teams and partnership opportunities.

Cultural cues and proprietary cultural data infuse our collaborative agency search and review services we provide our clients.

Agency Culture Counts

The agency world spends a great deal of time trying to understand culture outside their building to shape the work they do, when we have learned it’s the culture inside the building that shapes the success of the agency. 

Agency culture is not about a ping-pong table, coffee bar or flexible days off, but something far more important that inspires all. 

Custom-designed for the marketing and advertising industry, our cultural assessment tools help agency leaders measure and define the unique elements of a healthy, growing agency culture. 

Let’s discuss how our Cultural Assessment tools can help you grow from the inside out.

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