Road to Brand Recovery

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Do We Still Need Advertising Industry Agencies? In a stalled economy marked by decreased sales, reduced work forces and slashed media budgets, companies may think that marketing leaders no longer need their advertising agency partners by their side. At least not like they used to. Under pressure to conserve cash, brands may think that their […]

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Feasting Together: Enjoy Agency Partners at the Table

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This is an update of a popular post regarding advertising agency search and multiple agency teaming practices. Plus I recommend a useful new book by a fellow “lover of collaboration”. Enjoy this second helping! The Gathering Whether preparing the table for a big family event or tackling an ambitious marketing goal, mobilizing the right team […]

Determine Cultural Fit – 3 Steps for CMOs

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Marketing leaders focused on digital transformation need to find creative agencies and media partners that can anticipate what opportunities exist, and then partner together to get the job done. Cultural fit is key! The holy grail for CMOs is high performance teams with well-choreographed movements among agencies, brand partners and their own people. Their job […]

The Business Case for Letting Go

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“All the art of living lies in a fine mingling of letting go and holding on.”  -Havelock Ellis, British Psychologist People have a hard time letting go of things that were right for them in a prior time.  Sometimes the feeling is nostalgic but fleeting, like when we let go of an old but favorite […]