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Recruiting top marketing talent today is no easy task. The results-oriented marketing professionals who will make a difference may not be actively seeking a new role.

It can be challenging to identify the best candidates for key positions and determine their fit with your team and your unique organizational culture. Companies want to hire the individuals who can be effective change agents by leading others, engaging resources and elevating brand performance.

ROJEK’s TallTalent™ Recruitment Practice offers clients services and solutions in talent recruitment designed to meet their specific organizational goals and generate results. We specialize in recruiting the candidates that are on-point and fit well with your company’s unique culture. Leaders who will collaborative with C-suite leaders, diverse stakeholders and agency partners in the effort to grow the brand and achieve success.

As certified marketing industry experts and executive recruiters, we have our pulse on the demands and requirements within the marketing and advertising industry. Our strategic search and recruitment search process coupled with our industry insights and connections enables clients to quickly find the best talent they need to realize their plans.

A Focus on Cultural Fit

As experts in understanding the relationship between organizational culture and effective team-building between clients, and their agency teams, we have validated the assessment tools that integrate cultural fit into the hiring and selection process.

Our expertise in the marketing discipline informs the quality of screening candidates and experiences that are relevant and meaningful for our clients, further reducing the risk of a poor hiring decision.

A Holistic Approach

Our full service marketing executive search process means we are with you and the candidate from start to finish and beyond.

  • We assess the skills and technical proficiency of the candidate as we conduct interviews for cultural fit. All recruiting assignments due diligence on relevant industry certifications, education and overall background.
  • We help prepare and facilitate interviews with your stakeholders; our executive recruiters guide the candidate through the recruitment and hiring process, including negotiated offers, transition planning and facilitated on-boarding.
  • Successful Action Plans for the first 90 days are developed for a fast and successful start.

Our Commitment to Success

We are committed to finding your TallTalent™.

Those individuals who stand tall and are leaders in every way. People who will fit with your company culture, engage and elevate others to make a meaningful difference for your brand and company for years to come.

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