Organizational Design for Marketing

Agile Talent Solutions

Most companies are defining new ways of working and communicating as they face the digital future. They may need help to define the emerging marketing skills sets and capabilities that will position them for success.

We define and design the optimal mix of external partners and internal talent clients need to compete in a new digital marketing era. We source the creative talent and teams that will develop new growth strategies and produce on-point brand messaging.

Plan to Integrate & Elevate

In-house advertising agencies teams are also on the rise as marketers look for more effective and cost-efficient advertising models. The requirements for brand strategy, content creation, asset production and delivery will continue to grow in volume and complexity.

Solutions & Services

Our consulting proprietary services for organizational design for Digital Marketing, In-House Agencies, Creative Services and Content Studios have helped growing companies manage their current resources as they plan to scale operations.

Some clients want to elevate the brand creative work for better results. Our 5D Consulting Process, proprietary tools and experience with industry best practices helps plan and build the highest performing internal creative functions they need.

Prior consulting work for clients has included:

In addition to organizational planning and design of the creative functions, ROJEK consultants have managed the implementation and activation of new teams while full-time Creative Leaders and team members are recruited and on-boarded.

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