Connecting Global Brands & World-Class Agencies.

Launch a Smarter Agency Search.

ROJEK Consulting has perfected agency search to help brand building companies find their ideal partners for over 25 years.

Client Services

  • Agency Search & Selection
  • Agency Roster Design
  • Agency Performance Evaluation
  • Team & Organizational Design
  • CultureScan® Insights
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Pitch to Win. Prepare to Grow.

With decades of client insight and industry-wide expertise, ROJEK Consulting offers resources to help you attract the clients you want.

Agency Resources

  • Plan for Revenue Growth
  • Position The Agency More Competitively
  • Promote The Agency Brand Creatively
  • Pitch With Confidence
  • Present to Win
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Rojek Agency Growth Toolkit

Challenge Your Agency and Fuel Growth.

New business growth is vital for agencies of all sizes, but consistent revenue growth remains elusive for most. That’s why ROJEK Consulting developed the Agency Growth Toolkit, a practical roadmap based on insights and experiences gained from brokering countless deals between Fortune 500 clients and agencies of all types.

About Agency Growth Toolkit

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