Find & Align top agency Partners
Improve Marketing Performance

ROJEK Consulting helps marketing leaders find and align the best agency partners and marketing suppliers to drive growth. 

As the leading certified marketing consulting firm specializing in advertising industry sourcing and agency review services, ROJEK has impacted the quality of partnerships between companies and their agencies for more than thirty years.

How & Why?

We’re passionate about the power of organizational culture. We’re passionate about the way measuring and understanding cultural values shapes team performance and effective brand marketing. 

Our proprietary CultureFit™ Process  leverages insights from organizational culture data science and core values analytics to help advertisers identify and manage their best choice digital marketing and media suppliers and creative advertising agencies. 

Ones that fit their company culture and add economic value.

We also offer clients a number of consulting services that help leaders know how to best organize the marketing functions, strategies for in-sourcing and outsourcing, and then how to generate outstanding client-agency team performance.

Everything Good Comes from Cultural Fit.™



We know a lot about the industry and a lot about growing agencies. 

But we would love to learn more about your agency, and what makes you uniquely you. (We have a feeling is about your culture…)

Contact us to begin a conversation of possibilities.  

We’ll look forward to it.