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Today's leaders need to be confident they are working with their best choice of agency partners to help them deliver business results. For 29 years, we have strategically sourced creative, media, digital and marketing suppliers of all types for the Fortune 500 and privately-held companies. Contact us to find your best agency partners, ones that align with your own culture and that work better together, to get the marketer's job done.

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ROJEK consults for top companies that hire us to recruit their ideal choice of advertising agency partners and marketing suppliers. We review the best qualified creative, media and digital agencies to meet their scope and needs; we do so with a priority on facilitating collaborative partnerships, with strong client-agency teams that work well together based on organizational values and cultural fit. Our proprietary process is highly regarded within the industry. We ask agencies to register and complete a profile in our database as the best way to get to know what you offer. Click the link below to get started.

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