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Finding the best choice agencies to trust with your marketing investment is an important decision. One that sets the stage for accelerating your brand success (and your career).  

If hiring the right set of advertising and marketing agencies has been a source of frustration for you, we offer a better way. 

Our data-driven strategic sourcing and agency review process is based on assessment of three key factors:  agency capability, cost and cultural values. 

Alignment of your company and brand culture with agency cultural values is a proven way to make a successful hire. Effective client-agency partnerships will create great outcomes together.  

Let's Find the Agency Partners You'll Keep

Our advertising agency review process helps Fortune 500, privately-held companies and fast-growing brands find the just-right resources to accelerate brand growth. 
Stage-Gate Agency Review Process

CultureFit™ Agency Search Services measures what matters the most when engaging advertising  industry talent. 

Our proprietary process includes a data-based assessment of your brand or organizational cultural values compared to agency cultural values. It’s the most meaningful framework for the agency selection decisions that follow.

Our agency search service results in revealing the best candidates for strong partnership potential. We integrate positive, collaborative team-building experiences for clients and agencies along the way for your team to experience what your partnership potential will be like.

The ROJEK Consulting team is comprised of experienced marketing and advertising professionals with proven marketing expertise; we understand the risks and rewards of investing limited resources in advertising.

We are honored to find the top agencies with strong cultural alignment and shared core values for our clients. They value our guidance and trust our process to deliver the results they seek. 

Our commitment to understanding cultural fit and our track record for successful sourcing within the marketing, media and advertising industry has made us a trusted advisor for our clients for more than 30 years.

Everything Good Starts with Cultural Fit.™